All my meaningful memories

are all I need to live.

Those where I used to learn

and those where I used to forgive.


The nights so long ago

my mom sang me to sleep,

promising her love

always for me to keep.


The day when I turned twelve

and won the spelling bee,

my dad hugged me like a princess

in plain sight where all could see.


My aunt and my godmother-

she taught me many things,

like braiding, cooking, cleaning,

and the joy helping others brings.


The million times my uncle

made me laugh a ton

and when we played soccer

in the sprinklers under the sun.


Of all the many things

I have in common with my brother,

I really love all the book jokes

we only told each other.


My little sister and I

designed stores and houses,

where we sold jeans, shoes,

sweaters and blouses.


I made four amazing friends

one day in seventh grade,

and I hope our strong friendships

last long and never fade.


I have many beautiful memories

that help in various ways,

they lift my spirits, make me laugh

and help survive rough days.


All my meaningful memories

are all I need to live.

They give me motivation

when I lose initiative.



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