Tempus Neminem Manet


United States

Tempus Neminem Manet

Time waits for no one

Despite the lies you've been told

There will be no more time to have fun

No more time to laugh and run

To live and feel alive, remembering what you've sung


For all those days are neither here nor there

Simply, constantly, tossed behind you or in air

Because time is time

No one's to own

No one's to call their home

Only to dwell

Some may say it's hell,

But the amount you have is nonnegotiable and dare--I say--

According to how you live it,

It's fair


Cause by the moment you decide to look back on what is finished

And look back on the right or wrong done,

Trying to peak at the phases of the moon and moods of the sun

You could miss the minutes in front of you

Instead of living in the now

You'll be stuck in the thought of past forever

Always catching up to the WOW,

In life that everyone else is experiencing


So as a lesson learned

From one human to another

One poet and friend

To a brother or sister from another mother [or father]

Give love-- unconditionally

Have faith-- undeniably

And Forgive-- wholeheartedly


Because you'll never "always have a tomorrow"

You'll never "always Have more time"

You'll never "always have something to look forward to"

Whether it be wishes and imagination or rhyme

Because time is a man made thing

And due to this it is finite

So stop wishing for tomorrow's and more and more seconds to "make things right"


I speak the truth for you to hear

For in no time you may be deaf,

To the sensations of life

As your sun has sunk to set

And no longer will you have moments to think about past regret

You'll be stuck in one moment

Breathing in breath by breath

Cherishing each present WOW

Until your life meets death


It is a miracle to live in the "now"

Treat it as such

Expecting and looking back is only a temporary crutch

Meaning appreciate what it is you have currently

Be thankful for every ounce of what you know to be certainty


Now if this all reads true then what's the point, you may ask?

Yes, Time may be limited and finite

But it is not all you have

Time is measured in pasts and futures

But it is important to acknowledge that worth doesn't lie in the time spent on something,

Rather it is the effort put into everything


Time waits for no one

You will never have any "more" time given

So give with all your being to what is current

Before even that is gone.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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