Temporary Goodbye


American Fork
United States

After nine long, strenuous months their eyes finally meet.

She can’t resist but to cradle her in her arms.

Tears continuously glaze down her face

In realization that these next three days will be all.



The rise of the third day comes as almost a surprise.

Many hours were spent preparing

Yet un-preparation feels evident.

The drive home becomes bearable.

Shades of pink and yellow sift through the sky.


The piercing silent’s is brutal.

They lay together for one last time


For three brief hours.


It’s time though.

Gently she drapes a dress over her small, fragile body.

With mother and sister so near,

Tears are inevitable.

Emotional feelings of love and support are shared.


With damp eyes

She knows it’s time.

Tears continue to flood the room.

Cradling her in her arms once again stirs the emotion.


They leave

Knowing that this selfless act will be far more rewarding.

This is what’s best.


Goodbyes are finally shared.

She cries.

But knows that goodbye isn’t forever.





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