The temperature was high above


The temperature was high above normal,
eyes staring through the top of a portal,
His soul burned deep,
Sweat from the tip of his nose,
Blood dripped down from his teeth,
Buried alive,
Coffin made of truth but only buried lies,
wrapped around 
Knots in a straight ring 
Devoured and spewed


weren't felt,
But that wasn't new,
Obituary was read by 1 
felt by 2,
Cries were abused, 
Tears on the rug,
Nobody to hug,
He's alive now,
An angel with its wings clipped,
In the front of death is where he sits,
Premade endeavors,
Baby crib,
Once a kid,
Threw a fit,

Twice the grip,
Three times the bitch,
Light flickers but there's no switch, 
Throwing around words on a pad,
Lyrical fit,
Picked up the pieces that depicted my dreams,
eyes are open but your third eye sleeps,
Demons underneath the sheets creep,
heart is open to the fiends,

More than enough,

which one of us can earn the word tough, 
gun in hand,
Sparks leave the snuff, 
Hollow tip 
smacking your head
leaking white in mixed blood,
Gangsters and wanna be thugs,
Three holes gaped in them 
forced outlit plug, 
coffee spilled, 
reading on the mug number one dad of every month,
A human snare hit drum witch hunt

Weapon of choose is the kick drum,

Ready for war,
Tick tick,
Cleanng up the world is a daily chore but we as visionaries and poets want more,
time for change, well we make our own time and that makes cents, 
we make sense, 
modern time, 
forgetting about all the pass since,
higher do we go and farther away does the earth stays, 
ego fades,
people know who you are when you bark but forget about you when you don't have a bite, 
Squared up to fight,
vampire creatures looking for a neck to bite, eyes slight right, 
grip quite tight,
kill the industry, 
to this chick I might,
not a play fist fight, 
creating a magnet to attract all that want to oppose the light,
today is tomorrows hindsight,
this is Our time to live life...


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