To tell me who I am

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 10:04 -- drsfgb


United States
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To tell me who I am,
Is to waste your needless breath.
My youth is evidence,
To fit in
In the end
Will make you fit out.
The struggle of peer pressure.
Suicide! Suicide! Suicide!
All because you wanted to be like her,
You wanted to look,
To feel,
To walk,
To be heard.
How about yourself,
Trying to be her
Has resulted in the suffering of your parents.
As they close the door of your casket,
Yeah, that would have been me
But by the grace of the Lord
I have knowledge
Where it was not present.
The cutting, the pills, the starving
Shall I hurt myself,
Because I'm not like you, her or him.
The scars on my arm
Will always be a reminder
Of who I was.
To who I am today
to tell me who I am,
Well honey you are just wasting your time.


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