Tell me What you Want


yes, the confusion is real
I try to figure you out
but it's like I'm mentally ill
especially that chemistry
it's just like begging to spill
'cause baby you know you got it
with like far more appeal

and me
I'm just a gentleman
with all due respect
I'm not trying to rush into sex
I just want to connect
I just want to be less of a dog than
what you would expect
like your nicest curve is your smile
they didn't get there yet

you know how I'd be what I get into
so tell me anything I'm missing what I didn't do
don't be passively agressing
I got them feelings too
wonder why it's the real me when it isn't you

isn't it?
your voice is so intimate
your smile so innocent
your style so killing it
I feel so illiterate
'cause it's hard to read you
I'm not tryna play games
I just want to please you

'cause with you it's like heaven on earth
for better or worse
forever or whatever it's worth
sharing the verse
hoping that you're hearing it first
hoping you could help me help you find this man you deserve and all

I mean the man in me
it's demanding that I be there
for anything you need
you feeling under the weather?
I got the remedy
it's remembering all the times
where I got to look at your eyes

it's like "dang"
but I know it's true
'cause there's no us with just me
baby, it feels like it's minus you
so just "tell me how you feel, shawty
tell me how you're feeling"
'cause you're so shy at revealing


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