Tell Me

Tell me i can't move i'll still walk

Tell me i can't write and i'll fetch a pen

Tell me i can't learn and i'll open a book

Tell me i can't lead and i'll stomp my right foot

Tell me what i shouldn't listen to and i'll grab a mic

Tell me my words aren't efficient and i'll call Webster

Tell me the sky isn't blue and i'll pray about it

Tell me i can't step on the grass and i'll turn it into people

Tell me i talk Black and i'll put it on the radio 

Tell me i should rather be handicuffed and i'll fight with them on

Tell me i read like a nigga and i'll hand you my transcript

Tell me im not ready and i'll shake hands with the president

Tell me i live by money and i'll cut down a bad tree 

Tell me anything and it will be answered by somebody

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