Teenage Runaway Story

I guess you never really knew me

and I guess this is goodbye.

im sorry we werent ment to be,

all we ever was a teenage runaway story.

we met in the best and worst circumstances,

its almost been a year,

all it took was a glance.

its all so clear.

but you took a stance,

because of fear.

why couldn't have you taken a chance?

you had me in a trance.

I never thought you were trouble

but you always said you were

but who am i to say?

we were a teenage runaway story.

its only been a month since we last seen eachother,

to bad it will take seven years for every cell in my body to be replaced.

in seven years youll be just a bitter taste on my lips.

From the first time that you pressed your lips against mine to the last,

you said i was your first love but I'm not your last.

what if it didnt have to be this way?

whats if we didn't have to know what seven years feels like?

what if you didnt have to be a salty stain on my cheek?

if only we could turn back the clock

and go back to the first glance.

would you still have made yourself a laughing stock?

if only then you knew you had half a chance,

would you still have ran before you walked?

or was it all sweet talk?

I just miss the sound of your voice, yet its the loudest one in my head.

but its hidden above the chatter of others, you never seemed to mind though.

you taught me love can happen fast that when you find someone you're crazy about

everything just feels right.

but we both have feelings,

that are hard to say.

lets just keep it at a teenage runaway story.



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