Teenage Mess

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 22:04 -- zoee


Who says you can't be you?

The people all around you?

Be different than them.

They say you're their friend?


Don't give in to what they want you to be.

Judging. Loving.

Being friends one minute, and not the next.

But your teenage years are supposed to be the best.

You turn your back and see there's no trust.

Boys never want love, only lust.

Temptation. Peer pressure.

All of the above.

All of these things pushing you away from the ones you love.

Family says they love you no matter what,

but what happens when you break their trust.

How to get it back?

How to stay on track?

The stress seems endless.

High school,grades,family,friends,etc. etc.

When does it get better?

Deadlines, tests, scholarships

Oh yes, this is the best.

Forget high school, now college is up.

Thinking "will i have better luck?"

New beginings, new friends, new responsibilities.

New me?

Should i change who i am to make others happy?


Who says you can't be you?

All these crazy people surrounding you?

Only you can determine who you will be,

What you will do,

What you can see,

In this big world around...




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