Teenage Lesbian



I am a teenage lesbian

I wonder why I am discriminated against.

I hear negative comments from the ones I love.

I see hateful slangs being thrown at me.

I want everyone to realize that love is love.

I am a teenage lesbian.


I pretend that everyone in my family accepts me.

I feel the knives in my back from my “friends”.

I touch the hearts of those who feel the same.

I worry that generations growing up will learn to hate before learning to love.

I cry knowing that people hate me because of my sexual preference.

I am a teenage lesbian.


I understand that everyone in society thinks different.

I say “to hell with the negativity”.

I dream I live in a world where everyone accepts me for who I am not what I like.

I try to get over the words my mom said to me when she found out.

I hope she still loves me the same.

I am a teenage lesbian.


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