Teddy bear/Carebear

Hey look, it's my teddy Bear or should i say my care bear

When I'm down i hold him near

He lets me know there's nothing to fear

That's how i know he's always there.


My problems he would love to hear

no matter the mood, he pull up a chair

he's here for me, its clear to see...

that no where else he rather be.


He tells me I'm beautiful, and he means what he says

If the guy doesn't like you, forget him anyways

Me with a frown, he wouldn't want to see

Because my smile is the best part of me


No matter the emotion, my side he would never leave.

He has my back, that's what i believe 

I can't believe i was so damn naive

Your advice, I'm finally ready to receive.


Because I'm comfortable with you

Something you already knew

This is for my carebear, you know who

Now you a thuggish bear, what am i gonna do?


This is for you, the one i gave the nickname for

You somehow intrigued me, i knew i wanted to learn more

Your personality, i definitely couldn't ignore

You think you a thug bear, well not anymore.


I thought you were funny so i said okay we can be friends

Your time with me, you'll love to spend

You will forever be my carebear

Because you're weird and random and don't even care.



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