Tech Hurt

Here we are

Once again

Just you, me,

And Twitter

And look here

Someone retweeted by pic

Let me us send a quick thx,

Oh wait

This person used it negatively

They posted this

Where I don't belong

What I don't believe.

But hey

This is what we're left with:

Children seeing unsensored things

Taking too much time

Becoming someone their not

But this is what we do:







Add to message board

Tag friends

And we do this over and over

Thinking we will be better

Because of a screen

A screen can keep you up at night

Invading your class

Stealing your mind

Your control

You're hooked

And your phone?

Isn't letting go.

So what're you gonna do?

What're you gonna say?

This poem is about: 
My country


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