Tears of Sanity


Tears of Sanity

            Given life’s morals

            There dwells a pain


            Unforgiving in its context


            Through thick and thin

            Broken to knees

            Tossed through seas

            You always rise on top


            Your eyes, so aesthetic

            Tranquil is your structure, face, mind and body alike

            Heavy in aged emotions

            Engraved marks over your smooth skin


            Archangel, masked in light and dark

            Anchored below the water

            Unbreathable, unlivable

            Still you survive


            Nights forecast silence

            The hands of emptiness reach out

            Sleep calls to you       

            Wet and brisk ice


            Twilight after many moons

            Hear my voice

            Feel my touch

            See a light


            Heart to heart, hand to hand

            Let me lift your chin

            A kiss over your head

            Close eyes, as I fade


            Alone you never are

            Rivers of tears are felt

            None are ever forgotten

            Keep going, never stop climbing forward


            One after the other

            Warm and Cold yet joyous and sad

            Tears of Sanity





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