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team bring it-dwayne "the rock" johnson

when i think of that phrase team bring it
i knew that will resonate a smashing hit
its about having an attitude that stands out
and not making faces that gives poeple perception that all you do is pout

team bring it is a concept that is a hot commodity
one that you don't purchase, but the value of what it means brings abundance of validity

there is no one way of expressing it
there are ways that team bring it can heal you better than an ordinary first aid kit
it's one of the ways of life
its a start, but its give more hope than someone complaining that attracts more trife

team bring it creates
hope vs despair
go-getter vs gold digger
life vs death
happy vs sad
discipline vs undiscipline
socialble vs. loner

if anyone puts:
any doubts
any insecurities
any worries
any concerns
any fear in your heart
as the great one would say, turn them son a bitch sideways
and stick-ed straight up their candy asses

as poets, we represent team bring it
we write words in bars that is sicker than an A.I,D,S patient
each word represents a thought that strikes mightier than a lightning
our readers and viewers will find this very enlightening
so let's continue to resonate messages that uplifts hope in a person's soul that is aspiring

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