Teachers Can Chill


I stroll into the room only a second after the bell,

And before I can even get all the way in, she's giving me hell!

I'm like Teach, Miss, I get what you're saying

No need to prolong your little lecture, no need for your complaining

This is life that we're combatting, I'm not living for your satisfaction

I mean if you just took the time to know my story, this is an argument we wouldn't be having.

I've tried and tried to do my best in school

But it's getting me no where, I guess it's not enough for you.

I tried to get the grades, so I sit up with my hand always raised

And you never even come near me, it's like you don't even want to hear me

So now that I'm late and all, you want to approach me and try to go off

Threatening to call my mama, and even the dean

Your're always starting up some drama, but since you're the teach, no one ever listens to me

But I got something to say, so sit back, and open your ears if you will

I'm not in the mood for you today, so you can really just chill.


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