The Teacher Who Put Her Down


Being the first person in my family to persue College is a blessing.          Knowing that years ago many African-American people weren't allowed to go to school or learn, is a lesson to be taught. A lesson that taught me that I can be better than my past and increase my focus from yesterday. Making an indent, making an impact on our world through cooking is all I want to do regardless of me being teased of my weight from ignorant students. However, you tell me " Study harder, stay focused,take more notes." As you say these things, I comprehend. I soak up your comments like a sea water sponge, awaiting to be over-filled with knowledge and discoveries so I can fufill my dreams of being who God desinged me to be. After all the effort and blood,soul,tears,anger I have invested into myself to better me, you still knock me down. Almost as though you don't see me, maybe to you I am just a silhouette awaiting to be taken by the tumbled weed breeze. No this is not who I am, I am not who you expect me to be, but greater. You can give me 95's on my test and tell me I'll never be good enough to receive a 100, but you don't know that my extra 5 points come from my inner spirit. Stronger than any you have seen before. Yes Miss I Am TALKING to you. I am not just a number, a pay check, a way you can make a living. No, I am a living breathing spirit. Treat me as though I am paying you for an education, treat me as though I am human, I shouldn't have to beg. Attention from you is very rare, it couldn't be because I am African-American and you are Italian. It couldn't be because every time you see me walking in or out of your class, maybe even in the hallway, you ignore my good morning's or hello's. No, it couldn't be because while you're ignoring me you give me half smiles or yell constantly when I am quiet as a mouse minding my own business. I know you don't expect me to be much because of my color, you make it too obvious everyday. At this point I should be depressed, but my inner spirit, my love for life, my laughter that keeps me alive, my strong sense of who I am through my Lord all makes me just forgive you. Forgive you for your wrongs as I am forgiven for mine. Teacher, teacher, teacher, you don't understand that being the first in my family to persue college is a blessing even though I said it in the first sentence. You also don't know that I will make a difference in this world, I WILL live up to what my ancestors fought for. I WILL live up to what my ancestors were whipped down for. My of learning.


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