Teacher teacher, pay attention

Hey teacher, I've got something to say

I want to tell you about stuff I see each day

You need to change a lot, but i know you can do it.

There's a lot to cover, so i'll get right to it.


I know teaching classes is a drag to do,

But who else would do it, besides you?

Please treat the students right, we have faces and names

Don't get too frustrated when they start playing games.

If you dont care about class, then why should we?


And Don't be a doormat, tell them to stop.

Kids are getting bullied, by the ones on top.

You know its wrong, but you turn away,

Ignoring the cries, because its not in your pay.


Stand up for them, we need a hero like you.

You can help us, take back your classroom.

These kids are real people, not numbers or names.

Give us some friendship, we'll stop playing games.


Those kids in the back, who talk and laugh

Send them to the principle and let us get back to class.

We want to learn, but they get in the way.

Lay down the law, enforce it by day.


Watch out for the smart kids, there are two ways it goes

They get used for classwork, and that really blows.

And sometimes they're bullied, and that isnt fair

That teasing and taunting is a real nightmare.


There's those quiet kids who see it all and keep quiet,

Ask them for info, they'll bring problems to light.

Some kids wanna learn, so don't let others distract.

But make learning fun, bring the good times back.


We want to learn, and if you care we can,

But first on the list is for you to take a stand.

Don't let the bullies slide, engage them or not,

Acceptance and kindness is something to be taught.


Sometimes kids need help, we're not all the same.

If we ask questions, we aren't all to blame.

Don't get mad at us, we learn differently.

Your job is to help us see clearly.


My worst problem of all is the way we are taught,

Through rote memorization, and boy there's a lot.

That isn't learning, that's training and its wrong.

Its really no wonder we don't get along.


If we can't remember, we're marked with an F.

Told that we're stupid, put in the back and left.

Maybe instead of this crazy type of school,

Teach us differently, and write out new rules.


Don't let it scare you, there's a lot to get done.

But remember that sometimes there's room for some fun.

You've taught before us, and you'll teach long after.

But never forget to be filled with laughter.



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