Teacher Dearest

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 16:23 -- fefe8



Teacher Dearest,

I'm tired of hearing your voice and your lectures,

They're usually followed by meaningless words and pointless hand gestures.

Last I checked, we were hear to learn, 

I've been watching you run your mouth for years, now it's my turn.

Listen here, and listen very closely,

You don't know me or my story, it's not your job to judge me.

In fact, your job is to extend my knowledge, 

Inspire me to take an interest in the stuff you majored about in college.

This isn't an opinion, it's a scientific fact,

If you don't show any interest to be here, why would I show any back?

Teacher Dearest, 

You want respect and high test scores?

Maybe show some respect back and I'll give you what you asked for.

See, this isn't going to be a double standard relationship, 

I'll show you respect when you finally decide to give up your favorites.

Let me tell everyone exactly what your kind did to me, 

How you played around with my future and did whatever you pleased.

What you really did was you gave me a zero,

On an 8 page essay for using the word "popular".

Tell me, Teacher Dearest, was it really "my wording"?,

Or was it really the fact that you simply didn't like me.

You had no reason to, I did whatever you wanted, 

But what I should have done was reported you straight to the office.

See, it's not me, it's YOU who needs the reality check,

I'm not the one playing around with someone's future and success.

So, Teacher Dearest, the next time you decide to judge me,

Just know I will never respect people whose insides are ugly.

Please cherish my last words to you that are in this one sentence,

Just know that the best revenge is someone else's success.


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