Teach Me A Lesson!


Teach me a lesson
Aint that a blessing, finally someone that wants to learn
O well, rather you learn or not it has nothing to do with what I earn
Dont grade me personally on how you feel
Grade me academically off my work so I know its real
Teach me a lesson, I want to learn something new
Tired od hearing teachers say "It all depends on you"
Teach me a lesson, something I can really use and remember
Worn out with the basics for GOD sakes its December!
Teach me a lesson, something intelligent and unique
Tired of being down graded with these one sided work sheets
Teach me a lesson, show me you care
Always tell me you want me to be successful but put no effort to help
Is That Fair?
Teach me a lesson, Im ready to take a stand
We come to school and basically teach each other
Our peers is our only helping hand
Teach me a lesson, I yell to my teachers all across the bay
A real lesson to them is like a normal typical day
Teach me a lesson, I can sadly say
I never knew school could end up this way.


By: Ashley johnson

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