Teach Me

I’m told


Follow your dreams


Challenge yourself


Learn all that you can




But if you don’t do well on the test

How could you know it at all


Where do I start?


Can I learn something harder?


Can you tell me more?



If you do it this way

If you memorize it this way

You can pass the test


I just want to write

To create


But where is the challenge?


What they tell me is new


I feel like I have heard this before.



Just know it for the test


That isn’t learning

When the test is gone

What do I know


My dream doesn’t make any money

Does that make it less of a dream

My dream is changing

What does that mean

Is that bad

Don’t look at me that way


The pace is too fast.

The pace is too slow

Can you rephrase that?

You never can

I need a challenge

I need more


When can we move on?

You said that already

I know how to study

Can you go into more depth

The library doesn’t have books on that subject

We don’t teach that

Google it  


The same place that encouraged

Living without restriction

Thinking outside the box

Having a new start

Restricts me now


Just know it for the test

Just do this on the test

Prove it with a test


That isn’t learning


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