Teach to Life's Test

 A thank you to teachers who care.





Teaching, leading, guiding

reading, math, and writing

you did it all.


Learning is meant to be inspired

not teaching tests so you later get hired.

Granted after school I’ll need a job

but as a student I’m not a blob.

A blob to be over passed

once I’ve passed your class.


Im still a human.


Boys and girls

full of dreams and aspirations

to be know

to change the world and all its nations,

or maybe to be a doctor and save the lives of their patients


And if not that maybe a cop or fireman,

or maybe a behind the scenes life

without all the stages and mic stands.


But whatever my dream

I still have a life

and its full of joy and stryfe.


You understood that.

I wasn’t even in your class and I can truly say you

made the greatest impact.


See I was a messed up kid.

Mommy ‘s with Jesus is all they ever said

and all that did was make me mad,

or sad,

or the farthest thing from glad,

They said at least you’ve got your dad...


But how could Jesus take her was the question in my head,

she had been here before

now she’s gone,

she left,

she’s dead.


These were the thoughts running through my mind

and even in elementary I had to hide them behind

The happy, little Benny that everyone knew.

Year after year that part of me never came through.

Then along came you.


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