Wed, 09/25/2013 - 20:08 -- JMgray

Now class turn to page blah blah blah.
 It doesn’t matter next week we’ll be on a new topic, new day, and  new year.
 You’ve done it again teasing me with knowledge like you do every year.

I wonder when you signed up for this career, did you have any idea that what you would teach would be cut in half.
See half is me being nice because I swear what you taught is as light as thin ice,
 Not even measurable to layers on a cake.
But you have the nerve to say your teaching skills are in comparison to the word ,great!
I want to learn, I want my knowledge to be so overwhelming that just by you standing next to me would boost your I.Q plus 3.

Teach me please do what my parents said you would do.
 Answer my burning question I just threw at you .
Don’t stand there in blank as if I’ve said nothing to you because I know a lot of children, teens, and adults who want you to do what your paid to do.

But I gusse that’s to much to ask or should I say grasp.
I mean do you not realize the God given task you have.
Your not a just teacher you’re an open road, a mental path.
With numerous amounts of signs, split roads, and hurdles to overcome.

 And the greater you teach the more this path I want to run.
But you don’t realize that so class has become numb, as you pass out papers and tell them to read books and sit behind the desk and play dumb.
If we ask you a question, “it’s in the book“.
What does this mean, “it’s in the book” .
Teacher why did this happen, “it’s in the book“.
Maybe the reason I’m asking you is because the book gave me a puzzle piece I cant place in the frame of pieces of the knowledge I’ve gained.
But you wont teach me so the knowledge is now retained
So we the children who don’t know how to ask, who act like we don’t care while we laugh in class.
 Became this way because you couldn’t do one simple task
and guide us correctly instead of denying us, and allowing us choose the wrong path.
But hope is not lost you still can reach those wild student putting gum under the seats.
Simply walk up to them stare them in  the face and speak.
“Excuse me student if you don’t mind allowing me to TEACH”!


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