A Taste for You


It’s 2am 
the dark, velvet night caresses me
and I’ve got a taste
for you

The honey that is your eyes
peer deep


                        yes deep
Deep into me
An addictive knife
Ooh what a taste for you

My tongue glides across
my lips
for the sugar venom
that is your mouth
that leaves trails along
my neck,
my wrists,
my hips,
electric fingertips 
pressed against
my stomach,
my thighs,
i let out a sweet cry
such a taste for you

It’s 2am
and i’m gripping sanity
trying to control
a craving overflowed
a lip biting, world colliding
taste for



Thank you for viewing my poem! Also, yes I was going for more of an imaginative feel. Perhaps a past lover you all of a sudden have an ache for or a case of unrequited love, something all in your head but imagine so vividly that it seemingly becomes a reality.

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