Tap Tap


United States
44° 5' 58.4052" N, 123° 7' 53.2956" W

Tap tap,

on the glass

of life that is swift.


up the locusts from their chests,

A plague would be uncalled for, so

To suggest

the progress

achieved so much earlier in

Art and History,

Love and War,

Spirit and Vitality.

So I wonder am I worthy enough to help anyone with such turmoil?

Ah yes, it's true.

This violent act has somehow affected me too.

with a hundred and seventy five

who survived

these events that took place,

Newspapers replaced headlines

Reliving horrors of someone else's reality.

All these feelings I carry come in shades of resistance.

This sensation

That such a story shall never desist,

I shall have to persist

My eternal gratitude,

For the City's eyes of truth,

It never surrendered its vitality and youth.

This place is most vibrant, it births

Survivors on earth

Because they channeled their decisions,

to act with precision,

in a natural crisis, families came together.

Under an umbrella, they all fought the weather

like 'birds of a feather'

Their strengths flew,

planned again to never fear,

to never deny,

Their internal need to survive.


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