Talking White

Why does he talk so white?

They ask with such confusion, such disdain, such arrogance 

As if the color actually gripped him by the throat

Poor kid, he wants to be a businessman during his better years

It's a shame he is stuck here in this wretched redneck rodeo of racism

Yesterday I saw the kid break down

He saw some white girl having trouble with her math work

He went over to give her a hand, guess he fancied her for some reason

The kid spoke in a fluid, professional manner

Words coming out so smooth you'd have thought he was eating ice cream

She stops him and gives him this wide-eyed glare

"Why the hell do you talk like that? Ain't you people s'posed to be challenged with words?"

No one ever accused the kids here of being self aware

The kid breaks down right in front of her

His smooth voice becomes a jagged wave as he tries to pick up the words he dropped

He runs out of the room, the girl rolls her eyes and goes back to her work

I find the kid in the bathroom

He asks me "Are you here to ridicule me like your other people?"

I tell him if they were my people I wouldve killed myself by now

I tell him to pick himself up and don't let those jackasses control him

I tell him to keep talking like a man

Not a white man

Not a black man

Just talk

Don't let stereotypes kill your head start kid



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