Talkin' About My Generation

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 23:08 -- J-Rock


United States
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I am the muscle
I am the might
I am the hustle
I am the fight

I am the struggle
I am the strength
The tug of War
The love against

I am an ocean
Though look a puddle
My water runs deep
You could drown befuddled

I am misunderstood
At times, I’m mystery
I am the future
I am not history

I am the hope
I am the seed
An acorn with ambition
Of a tall oak tree

I’m living with my folks
I’m eating junk food
I’m totally stoked
I’m high…on life, dude

I am Jazz
I am Funk
I am Pop
I am Punk

I am sex, drugs
And rock ‘n’ roll
I am college. partying
Outta control

I’m careless and free
My head in the clouds
Still I stand firm
My feet on the ground

I’m on the cusp
I’m rising up
Ten young bucks
Short of having enough

I am the truth
With no trust fund
Just rhythm and blues
I am the young

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