Talk to Myself

I got tired after a while

I got tired of tapping people on the shoulder

and they cover up their ears 

I got tired of letting their 


     and feelings 

bleed all over me

while I ached inside

I was itching to speak

I had never even heard my voice before

then while sitting in algebra

my blank page spoke up

and said 

“I’m here, babe”

and for some reason I allowed myself 

to trust the lines on the page

with my insanity

   with my hurt

and my fears

and after my first time

I sighed 

       and I smiled

and goosebumps rose on my forearms

I knew what love was then 

Love is my voice

hitting the page

and getting trapped in its fibers

love is the ink of my pen smudging slightly 

as my hand connects with my words

Love is not needing anyone 

     but me

to hear me

I’d much rather you cover your ears now

because I’ll just talk to myself 

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i like this so much

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