Talk It Out

Why are we to be content with our role in this country?

We gave you what you asked for.

When will our government hear our plea?

That's over my head, he who has all the control is through that door.


Let me start off with the fact that we were BROUGHT here.

So wouldn’t you WANT to go back?

What would you be when we leave? You’d collapse when we hit the pier.

No...we are superior, everything you lack.


Our history MAKES your country..that we don’t even claim.

And that's good for you.

So how is it that when anything goes wrong..WE are to blame?

Don’t get me started on people like you.


No.. we don’t understand how the country’s despair is on us...EXPLAIN!

Police brutality, slander, assumption, injustice, racial casting.. IT’S PAIN!

Well we can’t cha-



We don’t want to shoot you.

We don’t want to hurt you.

We don’t want to offend you.

We honestly aren’t even looking for approval from you.


I can tell you what we want though.


We want our voice heard by ALL

We want to not be profiled in the hall

We want to not be seen as thieves in the mall

We want answers when we call


Let the voice of my people be channeled, delivered, understood, and spread by all

In hopes of equality for all

Let life be just for all

Let us pray for all


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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