Taking Freedom by the Hand.

Broken hands... Empty mind. I look at my watch and it says, ''Go time.'' 

I feel these chains holding me to the ground and I cannot move. Life is a dance and I just want to fucking groove. 

I've been letting people write my life story for me. I lived by their rules and all that did was leave me buried. 

''Raheem, you are far behind in life and you need to hurry.'' Excuse me? But when did you become my compass in life? 

I tried to live by your standards, but all that did was leave me in captivity. I am not some bird in a cage that will flap my wings on your command. This is my life and this is me taking a stand. 

I see freedom and it's saying, ''Raheem, take my hand.'' 

These broken hands reach out to this unknown entity and as I touch it I can begin to really see. My once empty mind is beginning to become refined. 

I can generate my own ideas and I begin to obliterate my fears. Are... Are these tears... tears of joy? I haven't seen these since I was a young boy. Ever since Ash Ketchum was revived from stone. 

I thought I've had friends walking beside me but all the time I was alone. They were not walking beside me, but ahead, continuing to throw dirt on my head. 

I was blind! I was oblivious! But Freedom said to me, ''Aren't you tired? The world is big, aren't you curious?''

So I let go of people's expectations. I've destroyed their routes and now starting to create my own destination. 

Man, it feels good to break these chains! It feels good to let go of this needless pain. Haha! I have the whole world to gain. 

I am no longer in a cage. I can feel the sun shine on my face. I can feel something happening to my heart's pace. What is this feeling? Hmmm, I think it is called being ALIVE.




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