Taken for Granted

I roll out of bed the same every day,

To the sound of my alarm clock, usually anyway.

I get ready, then say goodbye to mom and dad,

Then to my brothers, but they usually get mad.

I get in my car and go to school to be a "winner",

Knowing in eight hours I will be home for dinner. 

I come home, I eat, I spend time with my family,

Then I go to bed, waiting for my life to repeat.

I wake up next morning the same story goes,

I say "I love you", a familier voice echoes.

But I soon realize as I am driving detered,

That my days with my family are somewhat numbered,

They are all I have known in my 18 year affair,

Though soon, inevitably, I will no longer be there.

I never had thought that any of this could end,

I thought life was a repeating loop I could endlessly spend.

But it's not, and I know every good thing has to stop,

But it makes me appreciate the ones that I've got. 

And as I thak my blessings to the big man above,

I think of how awsome it is having those that I love.

This poem is about: 
My family


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