Taken Away


Take away material possessions, take away all she holds dear,

And she stands shocked as she assumes she has nothing to make herself beautiful, be deemed worthy by her peers, looking into the mirror.

Take away her friends, take away all her loved ones, replace them with backstabbers and cold hearted ones,

And she stands depressed and full of anger, as she is disgusted by those she once trusted.

Take away her self-assurance, her confidence, which she took so long to accomplish,

replace it with lies, rumors, and people that can because she lets them make her cry,

And she stands defeated, with no way to defend herself.

Take away what she loves to tune out this world,

The music, her freedom, her escape,

And she stands there in silence as all she had has been taken away.

With nothing left she uses the little bit of energy left to write this poem, takes the pencil she used to release her anger, to pierce her neck.

To finally end her sadness,

and now she is at peace.


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