Take My Hand

Mon, 08/04/2014 - 20:03 -- ryannk

'Take my hand,' she says to me.

'I'll take you far from here.

Where the winds are gentle

And the skies are blue and clear.'


'I cannot,' I reply.

'There is so much left to do.

I cannot leave the life I have

To sail away with you.'


'Have some faith,' she implores.

'Come away with me.

The moon and stars shine brighter

When you let your soul be free.'


'But I'm afraid,' I whisper.

'I've never left before.

I've heard of all these dangers;

Of sadness, sickness, war.'


'Do not fret,' she entreats.

'There is beauty out there too.

Love and hope and happy things

Are waiting just for you.'


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