Take Me to the Horizon

Take me to the horizon for my heart is broken

Take me to the stars for I need an escape

Take me to the moon for it ought to tell me its story of seclusion

I heard the sound of a breaching heart, I searched for it  in the empty room

Turned out that clatter came inside of me

Do you not hear it? How can you not perceive it?

Am I being too selfish for wanting you all to myself?

I believe in love but emphatically and apathetically

I do not believe anyone being in love with me

On every sunrise this unbearable weight of nothingness and emptiness

Crushes the life out of my very existence

Would you still choose to love me at my darkest days? When the blood in my veins have nothing but poison and agony, when this mind is blackened by my own thoughts,

When my eyes are blinded by the grief and sorrow, when my heart is parched by the thirst of your touch and absence, when my soul is craving want and affection, when my own body refuses to function

Oh when will I learn to walk alone in this boulevard of life

Under the night sky, far away from the city lights, up in the mountains

There’s a place where there is hope,

I’ll meet you there

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