Take Me Back

The place where my mom's cold hands touched my forehead

And the place where cool misty breezes kissed my cheeks.

Take me back.


The place where I fell asleep on the carpet

And the place where I painted the sun in the corner.

Take me back.


The place where I fought off mosquitoes

And bought popsicles from the ice cream truck.

Take me back.


The place where the stars were plentiful

And the days seemed to last for eternity.

Take me back.


Where we lit candles during storms

And made water slides with a tarp.

Take me back.


Where dollar store trips were exhilarating

And every moment didn't have to be a poem.

Take me back.


Where I made Sunday breakfast with my dad

And I didn't dream of airports and spiders.

Take me back.


Somehow, I feel so far from it all.

Everyone is huge, but I'm so small.

I'm feeling uncertain, as if I could fall.

What I'm writing has lost meaning

And so has what I'm dreaming.

All the heart of poetry seeming.

None of it's real, nor what I'm feeling.

Even unconscious I'm left reeling.

Every time I laugh, it feels like stealing.

Dramatic I guess it may be,

But right now it's how I see;

Stomach aches, migraines, anxiety,

Blurry visions and wishful thinking

Leave me sinking.

Leave me sinking.


Sorry in far away places alone.

Worried when you call and your voice has that tone.

I've drifted too far and it's time to come home.

Take me back.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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