Take It All In

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 20:12 -- JayR


Double C-M-G not very many people ever heard about me What?

You wanna be like me take ya work ethic multiply it by three

see how I'm feeling this beat? Remember laughing when I was struggling huh?

You probably tryna be coo with me but I'm already gone, tryna take flight but I've already flown yea, tryna show out  but I've already shown,

Tryna partner up with double c-m-g nah boy better do it on ya own you already grown

See what happens when ya start to fall back when you start to lack now you all alone all on ya own

I'm a king to this all I need is a throne I'm heading home

38th and Guion Road I stay posted on the court of Truro

if you got beef with me then you got beef with boys that you don't even know and don't wanna know see?

I just come with a big great sting kinda like a very angry swarm of bees!

You can try my lyrics, look at my thoughts, and then taste all of these!



So dope man! Love your style!

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