Take Charge


We stand as one; a team.

Never backing down from the challange to win; we fight until the end.

We live for this, the adreneline rushing through our veins, the excitement that runs bone deep when we crash the net.

Each strike of the ball moves us closer to another win.

We move up as a team and back as a team, not letting anyone get stuck behind.

We fight with hell bound devils in our eyes, not evil but ready to take on the competition.

Still a team we spread the field, looking for one pass to another.

Cheering fans and smiling faces show us that we as a team have done our job.

Got the win and became the best.

We are a team, we stand as one.


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Probably the team part, i love my team. Those girls are like my second family and i couldnt be happier to spend the fall with them.

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