Tailor Maid to be a Bad Fairy Tale

Moments like this 

I think of our first kiss

With arms outstretched

And dreams not met

My first impression was based on looks 

But what's that thing they say about books? 

Under covers I hide

Protecting my last bit of pride

Your last text made me cry 

You spit fire at me like the dragon you were supposed to save me from

Prince charming on the outside

But when I looked inside 

I was stunned like Red Riding Hood

With an axe in one hand and pen in another

I wonder which one would be the fastest recover

From feelings of confusion

That left me in dissolution

Between you and my past

I'm not sure how I'm going to last

But BaddieJae just wanted to say

You may now kiss my ass. 



most awesome diss... you tell 'em :)


Thank you @teddybear11196 I had to get somethings off my chest lol


I fell in love with the beautiful truth you spat. It's absolutely amazing.


Thank you Oksana_Sol I truly appreciate it!

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