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I was acting out habits, I didn't even know I had
Moved down here and ran smack dab into them
There it was staring me in the face
I needed attention and you wasn't giving me any
You was walking around without a care in the world
While I was home pouting
Stressed out and losing my hair
I made myself sick over you
And did you care?
I know you did, you just had a different way of showing it
You played my patience like a see-saw
And made me believe I was "It"
Red light, green light
When do the games end?
I wanna be little again, so I can play house with you
I be mommy and you be daddy
So we can live out our fantasies of having a family
Little did I know, a family stems from two
And its fate rides on the love of me and you



Remembering playing games as children and wishing to go back to that time is the type of feeling that every person can relate to, so it's great that you made that connection in your poem.

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