The T-T Event


United States
25° 50' 52.476" N, 80° 14' 15.7488" W
United States
25° 50' 52.476" N, 80° 14' 15.7488" W

Events have come and gone.

To change them, changes everything.

Yet the feeling persists.

The feeling of regret.

Of desire to change.

Change history.

Change time.


The wormhole is discovered.

The negative energy is there.

Set your coordinates.

Step into the portal.

To remake your day.

Your past years.

Your entire life.


You emerge somewhere impossible.

A spacetime, nonexistent.

Nothing is there to change.

All that is there is a vaccuum.

It's just empty space.

Empty space.



What occured is what you ponder.

Yet you know it all too well.

The butterfly effect.

Your step back in time.

Changed all of history.

All your life.

The whole Universe.


Back in the present, you cry.

Nothing happened.

No changes.

The past stays.

It's concrete.


Just there.



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