The System

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 23:09 -- Anande

They lightly tapped my forehead and told me my mind is "brilliant"

But when I use my mind I am looked down upon because my mind is too vivid, my mind is poisned, my mind does not fit their system, my mind tells me the truth, so in fact my mind is unnecessary to their system

They patted my back and  told me my opinion is "important"

But when I state my opinion they bottle it up and tossed it across the ocean, because my opinion is out of the ordinary, my opinion does not meet their standards, my opinion broadens a topic they wish not to discuss, so it is fact that my opinion is troublesome to their system

They once pulled me aside and told me "curiosity should hold no boundaries"

But when I asked them what is it they are hiding,they looked at me strangely and punished me for being curious, because my curiosity holds no bounds, my curiosity does not make them happy, my curiosity is without a doubt not what they want in there system

They stradled my hair and told me "you're perfect"

But when I gained weight and wore odd clothing, they limited my meals and gave me hideous clothes to wear, because my weight and style were outrageously insane, my weight and style was not what they were looking for, my weight and style wasn't fit for their system

They smiled and said to me "you child will not and never will be apart of our system"

And when I asked  what is it they want, they laughed whole-hearted laughs and said "You were just a gullible child that we used in a game we call life."

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Our world
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