The System

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 14:26 -- Enzo


Frowning upon the system,

we're all victims of the game,

even the white kids in the mountains, you know the children of Cindy and John McCain

I hope they're listening too, we're just modern day slaves,

Rappers chasing chains, Lebron is chasing a ring,

and I'm just over here trying to get my mom a Range,

rearrange the pain and turn it in to a gang of money, 

it's kind of funny how people look at you strange,

those same people are in the corner of the streets asking for change with the same life,

diapers are the only thing they've changed,

meanwhile we're here asking Obama for some change,

working under the rain, the sun, the snow the pain,

and we can't even accept some immigrants for a day?

Well okay...

That's why i do these for the kids in the Ville with dreams of getting a mill,

or a deal, or at least a meal to be exact, 

and I wrote this as my girl's taking her heels off in the backseat of my Gallant, 

her parents think I'm improper 'cause I'm not bumping Beethoven I'm listening to Big Poppa,

my pants are sagging a little, feels like I'm stuck in the middle, feels like you're judging a little,

I only care just a little but please remember the saying don't judge a book by its cover. 


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