the system

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A fish radiating off the moon Like the summer's light. Blazing hot as day on the coldest night. Blended in with the ocean blue. Picture perfect, what a view. Only one of its kind yet was considered stupid.
They say life is a gift, That love bridges the rifts, They say 'follow your dreams', They ask you to come clean.   But what if life is greedy and shallow, Driven by heads and hearts that are hollow,
This night i almost feel alone again. My heavy work shoes are like prisons for my soles. Just like this Building is a prison for my soul. Far away from the mate to my soul, sleeping in her bed.
You just cannot tell me To respect the men in blue When I'm still a runaway, Post-slave to the system Still a blooded Indian Still a blooded African Still the 'other American in their eyes.
Frowning upon the system, we're all victims of the game, even the white kids in the mountains, you know the children of Cindy and John McCain I hope they're listening too, we're just modern day slaves,
This system is like a Ford decelerating on the freeway I mean it'll get you somewhere but not as fast of efficient is that okay? I mean all the other cars have already sped up and it's quite a shame
You’re talkin too much throw your body to The Gears someone will come by to clean it up
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