The System


United States
28° 11' 56.0328" N, 80° 47' 16.5876" W

(poems go hThe System
Well, it's all messed up
Kinda like a pooring a drink with no cup
The system appears to be fine
But that’s why cosmetic refers to the outside
They tell us that the first 10 Amendments shield my rights
Why must they be shielded and who is this judastic wielder of the knife and why is he after my rights?
Where are the political police when you need them?
Because I'm getting mugged by a black-jacketed male but you can't see him.
I'm just trying to watch out for my life and that of my fellow citizens
For together we are strong
But on a side note, this is not a rap, it’s what rap is made of
A collection of my favorite words
In heavy rotation on my life’s playlist
And as I wait for death or
Live my life I play it
Play it
Play it




This is the system that we are all inevitably a part of

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