In a Symphony of Chaos


A symphony of chaos, decisions to end.
The breath of life, music flows again, 
For love of a time, a future to men.
Let that melody be fastened to the hearts of men.
To live, love, learn and see.
A struggle in that discordant sea of stress.
Each note brings back the life I'm reminded to be.
The surrounding aura of peace makes me feel a little less.
The music we play, a different sound to all.
Makes me want to strive to never let go.
In the God I love, ever present in harmonic fall
Of the past remembered, melody going to and from.
Reminds me of who I am, of what to leave,
Behind in the lives of those who are free
In this song of remembrance I weave,
To inspire, and give the note of what I see
This song helps me be who I am, and what I'm meant to be. 


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