Sympathy and Empathy

We want to be who we are

Yet we still care about our shoes, our clothes, our car

And what other people thought

About what we think and what we bought


But these things are not what make us people

We think before we speak and rethink on every syllable

Worrying before, worrying after

That they will beat our confidence with their laughter


It’s not bullying, it’s not unforgiveable

To prejudge what’s inside and not visibly visible

We pity ourselves when we’re misunderstood

Yet we don’t think as if we stand where they stood


I wish for a day we could stop looking near and far

To impress each other and just be who we are

We could accept that it might end in disaster

But at least we will find the people among us that matter


Everyone is bizarre and crazy and clumsy at times

But everyone is everyone in everyone’s eyes

So sympathy and empathy would be a small price

To pay for everyone being everyone and happy at the same time


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