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Where could I get sympathy?
For my nationality?
For my Race?
My Hair color?
Eye Color?
My religion?
My Gender and Sex?
I am a White American with Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.
Lutheran (Which is classified under Protestant).
I am also a Heterosexual male.
How could I get sympathy?
Yes I have German-Italian Nationality background;
that does not make me racist.
Yes I am Straight guy;
that does not make me homophobic.
Yes I am White;
that does not make me living well-off.
But how could you give me sympathy?



I Had this thought when I was looking for scholarships and I got a little angry about not really being able to find one until this one.


You dont need sympathy. You need to prove society wrong. Make stereotypes exactly what they are. Stereo types.  You are more than what  society makes you out to be. You are flawless.


Do you want sympathy? I am a white female with blond hair, blue eyes and heterosexual. I had a screwed up childhood and sometimes I want sympathy, but I am ok not getting it because I am ok with myself. If you have had hardships in your life and you put it to paper, you will find many sympathetic people in the world. Sympathy is not bigoted, it cares for everyone   :)


Obviously, you're not going to get any sympathy on those counts because you're not experienceing any hardships by being a straight white male. Talk to me about your problems, where are you experiencing hardships in your life? I can promise you, I am on occasion afraid of straight white guys (it's paranoia, I know, but they are far more likely to hurt myself or someone I care about), but I am fully capable of experiencing empathy for y'all. I'd love to read more of your poetry.

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