It was an anarchic temper tantrum of your authority

That rained down terror in your corporal rage

And I tried to pit myself against the habit

But sometimes I like feeling this way!

I couldn’t live when you left me

But with you I was so deprived.

I am unyielding to your thrashing

I am permissive toward your punishment.

And in this paradise of broken glass

I have to learn to content myself with my failures.

And sometimes I talk to myself so I don’t have to face

The feeling of being alone!

And sometimes you make me feel so insignificant

That the only comfort is your kindness.

Sometimes I like the authoritarian

And I feel chased by the slightest words of your humanity

Chewed from open mouths bound by sick lies!

And sometimes when I’m hit by your childish joke

I just want to scream, in the hopes of beating my demons away,

And all at once, I just want to assure you

That I don’t love you!

But I’m only a prisoner

In this world of calamity. 



Although I haven't been personally affected by child abuse, I saw the works of abuse victims, and I hoped to also be the voice of those who are hurt everyday by the people who should love them the most. I hope this helps give the voiceless a say in what's happening to them. 

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