sweet devestation

Dear axiety ,


       You've took a toll on me . You told me you would let me be.

Wow how stupid coud i have been? Your a diesease that just took control of my whole body.

you spread threw my viens, into flesh, so much hatetread. darkness... my sweet old friend will you let me in.

what hides inside you no longer bothers me. The buckets of stress pours down onto my neck. You are all i have now. The councelers trade me off  

 like some toy. I'm no longer human... well thats what u always told me.

Ill miss our long talks and how you wouldnt let me in a room too full. Ill always keep you in mind. Take it easy on me now 

last time i let you in i passed out. Those marks are still on my arm however. Im not too proud, but you on the other hand were.

Im still strruggling to breath when im starred at our when someone tries to talk to me. I have you to thank for that.

All i want you to know is that you win. I should of listened a long time ago too. Goodbye ...












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