Sweet Darling

It's been too many weekends since the one
That I called him, I asked him
For darling, sweet darling, just a bit of a pep talk
And he told me that I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen
I said that was not possible, he said, "I beg to differ"
Dear sir…
With you my palms ache if we aren't touching
But sometimes I keep it that way only because I know you like the feeling
Of warm conversation instead of fingertips, those silly voices we make
Just because we know we're going to make each other laugh
And smile, I smile so much when I'm with you
There's so much I need to learn about what goes on inside your mind
I see the way you look across the room and I wonder
How many moons could rise before I escape into those eyes
And feel every thought every breath every heart you feel
I wanna feel that too
I wanna sing you every note until my chest gives out
In the darkened daylight, if we were to look out on the horizon
I'd wanna give you the sun and let you feel the warmth
Of my arms and every piece of my whole heart
My sun, my promise that everything will be okay
The fragile promise that I'll always be here
The yearning feeling of needing you to be here
The wandering, waking thought that maybe I want you to stay here
Every life I want to live I want you here with me dear
I want to know what you write about
And what caused your pain and
What caused your heart to burst into flames
What motivates you every single day and what your smile is all about
Taste every little dark chocolate square inch of your soul
I'll remind you that me, this person here
I'm still the person who curls up on your bed
And listens to your soft voice as it backbends in thin air
Holds your hand as we watch clouds and I'm distracted by your fingers
I'm always every kind of beautiful, and so are you
My darling, sweet darling
From you I drew inspiration that was more than I deserve
I was given even better a reason to face the world even if it's early morning
Although I made my mistakes, if I did my fair share of villainy
I'm still the same girl who just wants to tell you how special
You are so special, every single day
Your whole head-toe, inside-out existence
So good, so handsome, so dearest darling,
Please don't doubt me when I tell you how cute your nose is
Or how I love the way dim light gives the crevices of your skin every little definition
The way your whole body lifts when you're laughing
Or how much you really do need to go out for modeling,
How much your lovely mind seeps through your presence and
That I still like you when you're not being the nicest
When you've had a long day and you just need to breathe
I'm okay with that because I'll listen
I'll hear every word you have to say because
I can't ever seem to get enough of what you have to say
Because I swear, with everything you do
There's nothing I don't care for, not one single thing
I like you so well, I like you so much,
And I'm overwhelmed, simply not reticent,
I've embraced the fact that dreams
Do appear sometimes in this existence.

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