Swaying on the waves of distress


The tides of life take me high and low,
One moment I can dip deep into the abyss or into the heights of the sky.

I am a boat swaying in the ocean,
The captain has abandoned ship as I sail alone.
I grasp the wheel in hopes of control, but alas I head into colors of black and white.

I long to continue my journey even if the monster bears its fangs within the sea.
Mocking eyes tell me I'll loose the battle,
But I have come armed and determined.

Will the grey skyline ever greet me?
These questions emerge and keep my vision clear as I daily fight my inner demons.
Life is a constant war and has brought along many scars.
The mask I hide behind is my weakness, my heart is my strength,
I come prepared to continue the battles of the abyss in hopes to see the sun.

When will life provide the peace I have fought for?


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